Surreal Photography

Over here at Print Express, we tend to talk a lot about beautiful artwork and illustrations, but one thing we love but don’t write about often is photography. Today, I’d like to correct that by showcasing something that I find absolutely fascinating: surreal photography. As an art form, surreal photography is on the rise particularly with the now ubiquitous Photoshop. But of course, it also usually takes a huge amount of skill – not only do you have to be experienced behind the camera, you also have to be talented behind the screen while editing. The result, however, can be some truly remarkable artwork.

I wanted to bring together a collection of some of my favourite examples of surreal photography. Not only do they look impressive, but it’s also clear just how much time, effort and work has gone into creating them – both in the initial setup for the photo, and in the editing suite afterwards. Every time I look at them, I’m unbelievably impressed with the sheer amount of creativity that must go into being able to think of, and then create, artwork like this. I hope you also find this collection impressive and, as always, if you know of any beautifully crafted surreal photographs that you think we should include in our roundup, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

JeeYoung Lee

Surreal Photo[Above:]

Surreal Photograph[Above:]


Kylli Sparre

Kylli Sparre[Above:]

Kylli Sparre Surreal Photography[Above:]

Jati Putra

Jati Putra Beach Scene[Above:]

Jati Putra Photograph[Above:]

Jati Putra Surreal Photograph[Above:]

Victoria Siemer

Fever Dream[Above:]

Victoria Siemer[Above:]

Wanderers Still[Above:]

Bobby Becker

Bobby Becker Surreal Photography[Above:]

Bobby Becker[Above:]

Erik Johansson

The Architect[Above:]

Work at Sea[Above:]


So there you have it – our roundup of visually unusual, creative and entirely surreal photography. Personally, I think that each of these images is an absolute work of art, and I’m truly amazed at the level of creativity and effort that must have gone into producing them. If you know of any other surreal photographs that you’d like to share, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

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