Stylish Chalkboard Art

As you might imagine working at a printing company, we tend to see a lot of interesting artwork. And while we often see printed designs, we also see designs you wouldn’t expect – like interesting artwork on A Boards (also known as pavement signs). A Boards are often a surprising place to find great artwork, but examples are out there. How often have you seen creative illustrations on chalkboard signs outside coffee shops? That’s the idea that got me thinking about today’s post: creative, interesting and stylish chalkboard art. Chalkboard art doesn’t just have to appear on pavement signs of course – it can be used for menus in restaurants, chalk murals in offices, and lots more. Chalk is a really interesting medium for art – it requires a real skill that takes practice, and I’m always impressed whenever I see really great typography done in chalk.

Today, I wanted to bring together a showcase of stylish, creative chalkboard art to help give you some inspiration and to help show off some amazing chalk artists. If you know of any other great chalk art – whether that’s from wall murals, pavement signs, wedding signs or more – I’d love to hear about it in the comments at the end of this post. So, without further ado, here’s our showcase of the most interesting, stylish chalkboard art.

Startup Chalk Mural[Above:]

Burrito A-Board[Above:]

Give Thanks[Above:]

Lumency Chalk[Above:]

Never Lose Your Flame[Above:]

Bakery Signage[Above:]

Startup Chalk Mural[Above:]

Chalk Typography[Above:]

Dwell Chalk Art[Above:–Dwell-a-6-Chalk-Mural]

Chalkboard Art[Above:]

Chalkboard Typography[Above:]

Restaurant Chalkboard Menu[Above:]


Souper Tuesday[Above:]

Chalkboard Mural[Above:]

I hope you’ve found this showcase of stylish and creative chalkboard art to be inspiring, and that it’s even perhaps gotten you thinking about practicing some chalk art of your own. If you’ve created anything that you’d like to show off to us and our readers, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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