Stunning Vinyl Record Artwork

We’re huge fans of vinyl art over here at Print Express (although for us that usually means printing vinyl posters). But today, I’m actually talking about vinyl records – and more specifically their covers. Record sleeves have long been something that music fans have cherished, and that seems to be particularly true for vinyl because the artwork is bigger and can often be displayed on walls. It’s even possible to find frames specifically designed to house vinyl artwork in places like Ikea – that’s how much people love this art.

I often love trawling through second-hand record stores just to find artwork that looks great. From ultra minimalist sleeves to bright and colourful designs (and pretty much everything in-between), there are some really amazing examples of bold artwork out there. Designing for an album is intensely difficult because, a lot of the time, you’re trying to sum up the feeling of a piece of music with a visual, and I think for many artists it can be quite daunting when you’re standing in front of a blank canvas. But at the same time, it’s enormously open to interpretation and it’s a great excuse to unleash your creativity.

I wanted to bring together a collection of some really fascinating vinyl art to (hopefully) give you some inspiration and ideas. Some of these designs have been created as an alternative record sleeve for practice, and others are the released versions – but in each case they’ve been designed by an incredibly talented and creative artist. I hope you find this collection interesting, and if you know of any others that deserve a mention, I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

Before The Wolf Comes Home[Above:]

Echo Vinyl Art[Above:]

Astronaut Vinyl Artwork[Above:]

Vinyl Art[Above:–3-Michael-Kiwanuka-Love-Hate]

Record Cover[Above:]

Vinyl Record[Above:]

Album Art[Above:]

Underworld Album Art[Above:]

Album Concept Artwork[Above:]

Vinyl Artwork[Above:]

Record Sleeve Design[Above:]

Fresh Album Art[Above:]

Vinyl Art[Above:]

Redesigned Coldplay Album[Above:]

Vinyl Album Artwork[Above:]

I hope you’ve found this showcase of creative vinyl record art to be a useful source of inspiration. Maybe it’s even gotten you thinking about how you’d approach a redesign of one of your favourite records? If you’ve created any vinyl art that you’re proud of, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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