Stunning Examples of Architecture Photography

While we talk a lot about things like web design, at Print Express our first love will always be with print – and that’s partly what’s helped to get me interested in photography. I’ve dabbled with photography and I definitely wouldn’t say I was good yet, but I will say that I’m better than I used to be. One thing that I’m really interested – and that I wanted to talk about today – is architecture photography. Architecture can be a really interesting thing to capture – interesting buildings can be photographed in all kinds of different ways, and I’ve found loads of inspiration from seeing how other photographers have approached it. The different perspectives and compositions they’ve chosen can often create really amazing photographs, and can reveal the subject in a surprising and unexpected light.

Architecture photography is definitely not as simple as finding an interesting building and taking a photo of it. It involves finding an angle that reveals the architecture in an interesting way – perhaps a way that most people don’t think about looking at it – and, when the moment (and the lighting) is just right, taking a photograph that would look stunning when printed and displayed in a frame. Or at least, that’s my goal whenever I’ve tried my hand at architecture photography.

I’ve been on the hunt for particularly fascinating examples of architecture photography and I wanted to share with you what I’ve found. These are all really great examples of photographs that look stylish and showcase some of the world’s most unusual and creatively designed buildings. I hope you find this collection as interesting as I do, and that it gives you the motivation to get out there and to practice architecture photography for yourself.

Wabes 2[Above: Waves 2 by d26b73]

Condo Spiral Staircase[Above: Condo Spiral Staircase by Joe Wolf]

Architecture Photography[Above: Architecture by Maria Eklind]

The Shard[Above: Mirror’s Edge by Dom Crossley]

Architecture[Above: Architecture by Martin Abegglen]

Perceptions[Above: Black & White Architecture by Perceptions]

Barcelona[Above: Barcelona by Bernhard Latzko]

Panoramic View of Baku[Above: Panoramic View of Baku by Niyaz Bakili]

Architecture[Above: Architecture by Maria Eklind]

Architecture Photography[Above: Architecture by Alexandra Cavoulacos]

Architectures[Above: Architectures by Pascal Lefevre]

Prague Cathedral[Above: Prague Cathedral by Moyan Brenn]

Architecture[Above: Architecture by Mathilde Rozelot Ortuno]

Giorgio de Chirico[Above: With a Touch of Giorgio de Chirico by Perceptions]

The Prow[Above: The Prow by Perceptions]

So there you have it – our roundup of creative, inspiring and beautiful examples of architecture photography. If you know of any other great photos that deserve a mention, we’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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