Screen Printing Artwork

Today, I wanted to talk about screen printing. It goes without saying that, here at Print Express, we’re all huge fans of print. Sure – we might talk a lot about web and app design on this blog, but our heart will always be in print. And while we’re pretty adept at poster printing, one thing that I’ve found fascinating (but that, sadly, we don’t do) is screen printing.

In an age of digital printing, screen printing is an extremely satisfying and hands-on approach to design. It involves a frame with a screen applied to the top. In-between the paper (on which the design is to be printing), you rest a stencil, and then above this is the framed screen. Ink is placed at the base of the frame and then a squeegee draws the ink upwards, through the mesh and through the stencil onto the paper. Often times, multiple passes and multiple stencils are used to create the full artwork. Despite the convenience and accuracy of digital printing (which, of course, we’re huge fans of), screen printing is a much loved artform. Many people love the hands-on work that’s required, and the fact that it’s challenging and requires creativity and practice. Art that you have to suffer for is often the art you treasure most.

To help give you some screen printing inspiration, I wanted to bring together a selection of my favourite recent examples. All of the following have been screen printed beautifully, and would look great adorning walls anywhere. If you know of any other fantastic screen printing examples, I’d love to hear about them in the comments at the end of this post.

Millenium Falcon[Above:]

Andrew Bird Cathedral[Above:]



Lighthouse Screen Print[Above:]

Tennis Screenprint[Above:]


Welcome Print[Above:]

Gig Poster Screenprint[Above:]

Screen Print[Above:]

Fortune Favours The Bold[Above:–1-Fortune-Favours-The-Bold]

Macbeth Poster[Above:]

Beautiful Screenprint[Above:]

Facebook Conference[Above:–2-What-Would-You-Do-If-You-Weren-t-Afraid]

Screen Prints[Above:]

I hope you’ve found these screen prints to be a useful source of inspiration. Maybe they’ll even encourage you to track down a screen printing workshop near you and give it a go yourself! There’s a whole load of amazing screen print artwork out there, and if you’ve created a poster or a print that you’d like to show off on this blog, I’d love to hear from you.

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