Rubber Stamp Logo Designs

We’ve said this before, but while we often talk about things like web design here at Print Express, our first love will always be with – you guessed it – print. For me personally, there’s something that I really love about holding a design, and being able to feel the texture of it and the slightly raised print. This is also why I wanted to explore rubber stamp logos today. Logos that have been custom crafted so they can be stamped onto a page or packaging can add a really great vintage or retro feel to a design. Hand-stamping the logo onto a bag of coffee, for example, gives the entire thing a much more hand-made quality to it than a commercially produced batch, and as a designer I think it’s important to recognise the difference in how the end-result of the work will be displayed and felt.

Rubber stamped logos have been around for decades of course, but they’ve also been making a resurgence in the last few years as the trend for vintage designs has come back around. Not only are they great for things like product packaging, but they can also look great stamped onto business cards, letterheads or perhaps even printed flyers (although, of course, it can be a lot of manual work if you have a huge batch to send out!).

However you end up using them, rubber stamp logo designs can add a truly different, hand-made and vintage feel to any design, and I wanted to showcase some of my favourite discoveries. Each of these has been crafted by a truly talented artist, and hopefully they’ll give you some inspiration for your own rubber stamp design.

Rubber Stamp Logo[Above:]

MILLER Tree Care[Above:]

Ordinato Logo[Above:]

Bramble & Branch Stamp[Above:]

Rubber Stamp Design[Above:]

Type Thursday Postcard[Above:]

And Stamp[Above:]

Creative Rubber Stamp[Above:]

AA Stamp[Above:]

Oystr Rubber Stamp[Above:]

Rooster Punk[Above:]

Monogram Stamp[Above:]

Personalised Stamps[Above:]

Stamped Letterhead[Above:]

Beautiful Rubber Stamp Logo[Above:]

So there you have it – our showcase of creative, inspiring and beautiful rubber stamp logo designs. I really hope this collection has helped give you that burst of creativity and has encouraged you to get designing your own rubber stamp to add a bit of a retro, tactile feel to your logo. If you know of any other designs that deserve a special mention, drop us a comment and we’ll add it to this post!

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