Rethinking the Boarding Pass

Good design is aesthetically pleasing, but great design solves a problem. Whenever you come across a product that’s difficult to use, that’s a problem that design should theoretically be able to improve. One classic example is the boarding pass. Boarding passes have a very specific purpose – they have a range of information that helps you get to the correct flight (such as your boarding time, your flight number, your departing airport and arrival destination) and it also acts as proof to the airline that you are who you say you are, often by means of a scannable code.

However – it’s a problem that many designers are well versed in – in the real world the boarding pass is often hard to decipher. The typography is usually small, the details aren’t always easy to see at a glance and they can be more confusing than they realistically need to be. That’s why many designers try their hand at redesigning boarding passes, to see if they can improve on the ease of use as well as the appearance.

I wanted to bring together a collection of some truly interesting boarding pass redesigns – some of these are printed designs while others are mobile user interfaces (which have the benefit of automatically updating the gate number – something which print designs can’t replicate). I hope that you find this exploration of boarding passes interesting, and that it gets you thinking critically about other real-world designs that could be improved.

Redesigned Boarding Pass[Above:]

Boarding Ticket[Above:]

Boarding Pass[Above:]

Boarding App[Above:]

Red Boarding Pass[Above:]

Flight Card[Above:]

Flight Boarding Pass[Above:]

Flight Ticket[Above:]

Flight Ticket Redesign[Above:]

Flight Card[Above:]

Boarding Pass Typography[Above:]

Boarding Pass Concept[Above:]

Mobile Boarding Pass[Above:]

Flight Ticket App[Above:]

Colourful Boarding Pass[Above:]

So there you have it – our showcase of some interesting, thoughtful and creative boarding pass redesigns. Which of these boarding passes do you like best? Have you created a flight ticket redesign that you’d like to show off? I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below.

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