Mobile Login & Signup Inspiration

While we often focus on print design, lately I’ve wanted to explore mobile design in a bit more detail. Following on from our last post rounding up beautiful, free UI kits for mobile, I wanted to dig into some mobile login and signup inspiration. I think there’s a big focus on mobile app design for each section of the app to be beautifully designed, and to fit in with the core app’s overall aesthetic – and that can make extremely simple forms quite tough to do well. The login screen is the best example of a simple form – it’s likely just “username” and “password” form fields, and a button that says “Login” – so how do you style those elements to still be beautiful?

I’ve brought together a showcase of recent examples that I think do a really great job at turning an otherwise boring form into a thing of beauty. Some of these examples are for real apps that are out there in production, while others are concepts – but I believe that each one is refined and impactful. One thing that’s clear from these examples is that a login or signup screen on mobile can look professional and smart by either being incredibly minimalist and sparse, or by making use of bold, vibrant imagery. One thing that doesn’t work, however, is by being cluttered – there’s a big difference between vibrant imagery and confusing clutter – and it should always be obvious what the user needs to do next.

So, without further ado, here are my favourite recent examples of mobile login and signup inspiration. I hope this collection helps give you some ideas for the next time you’re stuck on a mobile design project.

Day/Night Login[Above:]

iOS Login Screen[Above:]

Surf App Login[Above:]

Mobile Login Inspiration[Above:]

Social App[Above:]

Login Screen[Above:]

Mobile Login Screen[Above:–07-Mountains-Login-sketch]

Healthcare App Login[Above:]

Sunset Login Page[Above:–03-Sunset-Login-Freebie]

Concept Login Screen[Above:]

Pirate Login Screen[Above:]

Concept Slack Login[Above:]

Concept Login Screen[Above:]

App Login Screen[Above:]

Mobile Registration Screen[Above:]

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this roundup of creative, interesting and beautifully designed mobile login and signup screens. I always find it’s the simplest and most straight-forward UI steps that can cause me the most trouble (at least with making sure they stay interesting and fit the brand of the app), and so I hope this roundup has given you some inspiration for your next mobile design project. If you know of any other mobile login screens that you think deserve to be included, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

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