Long Exposure Photography

I’ve often thought that great photography isn’t just about taking a snapshot or a picture of a place or object, but taking a photograph that conveys a feeling and shows off a certain atmosphere (for landscape photography at least). And today, I wanted to write a post about long exposure photography in particular because I think this technique can do an impressive job of that. Long exposure photography, as the name would imply, is the act of having the shutter open for a reasonably long length of time – certainly much longer than the millisecond shutter that most photographs are taken at. This usually results in more light hitting the sensor and can be used for some really interesting effects. One of the most immediately recognisable examples are the images of light trails from cars, which seems to suggest that everything is moving at warp speed, but long exposure photography can create other interesting effects too. Rushing water, for example, instead becomes smooth while waves can almost look like eery, dreamlike fog. Astrophotography also heavily makes use of long exposure, as it allows more light in – as a result, stars that can’t be seen by the naked eye suddenly come into focus and star trails appear.

Long exposure photography is quite an unusual technique that can create some impressive pictures, and allows you to play with light and time in surprising and creative ways. This post aims to bring together some of my favourite recent long exposure discoveries, and hopefully these photos will encourage you to dust your camera off and start playing with the settings.

Long Exposure Photography[Above: Fog over the road by Yevgeniy Shpika]

Long Exposure[Above: El Almendro Solitario by Jordy Nll]

Fountain[Above: The Fountain Goddess by Nelson L]

The Burning Ring of Fire[Above: The Burning Ring of Fire by Groman123]

Iceland Long Exposure Photo[Above: Let it flow by David Phan]

Long Exposure Light Trails[Above: Light Trails by Ross Brimble]

Light Long Exposure[Above: Turning faster and faster by Tambako]

Long Exposure Photo[Above: Not From Pluto by Paulo Valdivieso]

Long Exposure Stream[Above: Dry Creek Color by Luke Detwiler]

Blurred Lines[Above: Blurred Lines by Phil Dolby]

Make It Rain[Above: Make It Rain by Dave Doe]

St Paul's Long Exposure[Above: St Paul’s Cathedral by Davide D’Amico]

Fairground Attraction[Above: Fairground Attraction by Hernán Piñera]

Ferris Wheel Long Exposure[Above: Grande Roue de Caen by Sebastien Letellier]

Niagara Falls Long Exposure[Above: Niagara Falls by Alexis Lewis]

So there you have it – our roundup of creative, interesting and stylish long exposure photographs. Hopefully this has given you some inspiration and given you the itch to give long exposure photography a try yourself, and of course if you’ve taken any shots that you’re proud of, we’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

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