Incredible App Icon Designs

We’re big fans of our mobile phones over here at DESIGN (or – for you Americans – our cellphones). The rise of smartphones also brought with them the rise of designing for smaller screens, and with apps came not just the need for beautiful, intuitive and thoughtful user interfaces, but also icons to represent them. App icons work a bit like a logo or a brandmark for a company – they end up representing the identity of the software itself. As a result, it’s pretty important to get it right – the tone, style and personality of the product needs to come through in the icon itself. It also can be the difference between earning a place on the homescreen of the device or being relegated to the back few screens – so rather than being an afterthought, it needs to be carefully considered in it’s own right.

I wanted to create a collection of some of my favourite fresh, recent and interesting app icon designs. Each of these is beautifully crafted and looks innovative and stylish, and I hope that you find the collection a useful source of inspiration.




Dr Easy[Above:]



Hey Race[Above:]


Party Pirates[Above:]




Video Chat[Above:]



Which of these app icon designs do you like best? Have you been working on an app that you’d like to show off? I’d love to hear what you have to say in the comments below!

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