Double Exposure Photography

Lately I’ve been taking a look at post-processing with photography, and one interesting technique that I wanted to talk about today was double exposure photography. This is sometimes called multiple exposure photography, but in either case the process involves taking more than one photo and overlaying them on top of each other to create a completely different, artistic image. Getting great images this way can take a huge amount of creativity, and it allows photographers and artists to come up with amazing designs.

It’s a great way of invoking a different feeling into the photograph – washed out sunsets and vintage americana style designs are particularly common with double exposure photography. Other options include creating ghostly figures hidden in a landscape, or showing off the stars in the sky in a daytime scene. It’s not easy to do, but sometimes the results of double exposure photography (or multiple exposure photography, if you want to use more than two images) can be truly astonishing.

I wanted to bring together a showcase of some of my favourite examples of double exposure photographs. These are all unlike the vast majority of images taken as the combination of multiple images creates completely new photographs, often impossible to capture through ordinary means. I hope you find this showcase interesting and that it maybe encourages you to try your hand at post-processing for your own photographs.

Double Exposure Photo[Above: Double Exposure Photograph by Brian Tomlinson]

Hoa vs Yellow Cosmos[Above: Hoa vs Yellow Cosmos by Khánh Hmoong]

Road Double Exposure[Above: Double Exposure, Road by Amy Thibodeau]

Double Exposure Self Portrait[Above: I Am My Music by Robert Ramirez]

Acoustic Electrics[Above: Acoustic Electrics by Jonas Birmé]

Multiple Exposure Traffic Lights[Above: Traffic Lights by Anthony Griffiths]

Double Exposure Photography[Above: Double Exposure by Ben Becker]

Double Exposed[Above: Double Exposed by Caden Crawford]

Film Double Exposure[Above: Film Double Exposure by Probably Okay]

Returning To Her[Above: Returning To Her by Cameron Russell]

Double Exposure Photography[Above: Double Exposure by Bambi Corro III]

Familie[Above: Familie by A.M.D.]

Sunset[Above: Sunset by Khánh Hmoong]

Double Exposure[Above: Double Exposure by Emily Kneeter]

Cosmos[Above: Cosmos by Khánh Hmoong]

Hopefully you’ve found our showcase of creative, innovative double exposure photography to be interesting – and with any luck it may even have piqued your interest enough to give it a try yourself. There are all kinds of unexpected and unusual photographs that you can make using this technique, and if you’ve created any that you’re especially proud of and want to share, we’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

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