Cityscape Photography

If you’re a regular reader of DESIGN, you’ll know that we’re huge fans of art, design and culture – but there’s one topic that nearly everyone in the office is a huge fan of, but that we don’t talk about as much as we should. Photography.

With the rise and affordability of high quality digital cameras, and with the proliferation of social media that allows you to show off photos easily to all, more and more people are trying their hand at photography. But photography isn’t as simple as pointing and clicking – it’s about understanding composition, lighting and how the final image will appear. That’s what makes the difference between taking a snapshot, and making a photograph.

Of all the photography subjects out there, one of the ones that I find most interesting is that of the cityscape. Cityscape photography is all about showing off a huge living, breathing city and portraying it in an interesting light. This is of course entirely up to the photographer – it could be about showing how the dark streets are lit at night by the streetlights and bright, neon signs or it could be about a city at dawn, just before the inhabitants start beginning their working day. No matter how it’s framed, cityscape photography can be utterly mesmerising, as these examples show.

I’ve brought together a collection of some absolutely stunning, beautiful cityscape photos to help give you some inspiration. Each of these has been taken by a remarkably talented photographer, and each one shows that making a photograph requires talent.

Masashi Wakui[Above: – Tokyo at Night by Masashi Wakui]

Tokyo Cityscape by Masashi Wakui[Above: – Tokyo at Night by Masashi Wakui]

Tokyo at Night[Above: – Tokyo at Night by Masashi Wakui]

Chicago Cityscape[Above: – Chicago by Christopher.F]

Detroit Cityscape[Above: – Detroit by Mike Boening]

Hong Kong[Above: – Hong Kong by Kin]

Bangkok Cityscape[Above: – Bangkok by Kim Seng]

Zurich Cityscape[Above: – Zurich by Roman Boed]

San Francisco at Night[Above: – San Francisco by gags9999]

Cityscape Photograph[Above: – By Stephen Wolfe]

Montreal Cityscape[Above: – Montreal by Geoff Llerena]

Chicago Cityscape[Above: – Chicago by vonderauvisuals]

New York Cityscape[Above: – New York by vonderauvisuals]

London Cityscape[Above: – London by Angelo Domini]

Bangkok Cityscape[Above: – Bangkok by Prachanart Viriyaraks]

There are, of course, a huge amount of beautiful, intriguing and fascinating examples of cityscape photography out there – these are just a selection of some of my favourites. If you want to improve the quality of your cityscape photographs, try looking for examples of what other people are doing, work on your post-processing to achieve similar effects and, above all, get out there and practice! If you’ve taken a cityscape photograph that you’re especially proud of, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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