Branding & Stationery Design

Today, I wanted to talk about the design of branding and stationery. Over at Print Express, we see all kinds of examples of branding and there are some really incredible designs out there. When most people think of a brand identity, they tend to think of the logo – but really good branding runs through absolutely everything a potential customer might see, including all of the stationery from the letterheads to the compliment slips and business cards. When the branding is done right, every piece of printed stationery should have the same look and feel, the same aesthetic and tone. That doesn’t mean that it’s just varying sizes of paper with the logo in the corner – it’s about having a range of printed materials that all look like they belong in a set, rather than a cluttered mish-mash.

This is one of those situations where it’s much easier to show than it is to tell, and as such I’ve brought together a collection of my favourite recent examples of beautifully designed, cohesive stationery designs. These stationery sets all have a clear brand identity that influences the design of each piece, and each element works really well both on it’s own and as part of the whole set. I hope that this collection gives you some inspiration if you’re looking at rebranding or creating a whole brand identity from scratch, and if you’ve created stationery that you’re proud of, I’d love to hear about it in the comments at the end of this post.

Colourful Stationery[Above:]

Branding & Stationery[Above:]

Stationery Set[Above:]

Monochrome Stationery[Above:]

Inferapp Branding[Above:]

Brand Build-Out[Above:]

Jonny Delap Branding[Above:]

Device Branding[Above:]

Branded Stationery[Above:]

Weway Corporate Stationery[Above:]

Branded Stationery Design[Above:]

Stationery Set[Above:]

Bernstein Stationery Design[Above:]

Madewell Stationery[Above:]

Black & White Stationery Set[Above:]

So there you have it – the latest, greatest stationery sets that all have a consistent and creative brand identity running through them. Hopefully this collection has given you some inspiration for your next stationery design project, and of course if you’ve created any that you’d like to show off, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

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