Beautiful Free Icons

If you’re a regular reader of DESIGN, you’ll know that we’re big fans of designer freebies – we should know, we’ve produced quite a few ourselves including UI kits like Joocy and Dijon, and icon sets like Dev Up and Dashel which we released with Smashing Magazine. We’re big fans of designers and we love to give back, and we aren’t alone – there are loads of great free icons out there that have been released by extremely talented designers. Today, I wanted to showcase some of the latest bold, creative, free icon sets.

Personally, I’ve always found icon design to be infuriatingly difficult – and creating a consistent set of icons that all look great together is especially challenging and time-consuming. That’s why I’m forever indebted to designers who choose to release icon sets for free – thanks to them, it’s possible to get up and running quickly with beautiful, elegant designs in half the time it would normally take.

Just one thing: before you use these icon sets, please do be sure to check the license details, particularly if you’re planning on using them for a commercial project. I really hope that you find this collection of beautiful free icons useful, and if you know of any others that we should include, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

Free Icon Set[Above:]

Free Music Icons[Above:]

Free Icons Set[Above:]

Free Shopping Icons[Above:]

Isometric Icons[Above:]


Mini Material Icon Set[Above:]

Time Management Icons[Above:]

100 Free Icons[Above:]

Free Icons[Above:]

Free Linear Icons[Above:]

Free Multipurpose Icons[Above:]

Square Icons[Above:]

Basic UI Icons[Above:]

Hatch: Free Icon Set[Above:]

So there you have it, the latest and greatest free icons. Once again, do be sure to check the license agreement before using any of these icon sets in your own projects. I hope you’ve found this collection to be useful, and as always if you know of any others (and particularly if you’ve created a free icon set that you’re proud of), let us know in the comments!

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