App Onboarding Design

Here at DESIGN, we sometimes talk about web design, and we’re always talking about print design, but one thing we don’t often write about are mobile design interfaces. Today, I wanted to talk about the first interaction users have with a mobile app, and how best to onboard them.

Onboarding is the term used for the first time an app is run – it’s a bit like a tutorial, where it shows users what they can do with the app, how to use it and gives them a bit of an introduction. Onboarding is incredibly useful in turning inquisitive, curious users into regular users of your app. By giving your users the best possible experience when they first open the app, you can improve the chance that they’ll find it useful and give it a go. Unless you UI or app is incredibly simple, without onboarding you may find that users will become frustrated when they can’t do what they want, and are more inclined to leave and never come back.

So, with that said, I went out to find examples of beautiful app onboarding cards – screens that help onboard the user by giving them an intro the app and a guide on what to expect and what to do next. Like all good designs, beautiful design should run through everything the user touches, and that’s true of the onboarding process itself. I’ve brought together this showcase of beautifully designed onboarding screens to help give you some inspiration for your next app design project.


App Onboarding[Above:]

Onboarding Cards[Above:]

Onboarding Screens[Above:]


Space App Onboarding[Above:]

App Onboarding Illustration[Above:]

Dropbox Onboarding[Above:]

Illustrated Onboarding Cards[Above:]

App Tutorials[Above:]

App Intro Screens[Above:]

Walkthrough Screens[Above:]

Beautiful App Onboarding[Above:]

App Onboarding[Above:]

App Onboarding Screens[Above:]

Which of these app onboarding screens do you like best? Have you created any onboarding cards for your own app? We’d love to hear what you have to say in the comments below!

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