Abstract Photography: A Showcase

Working at a printing company, it stands to reason that I’m a fan of all things print. But one of the things that really inspires me, and that I’ve been getting into a lot lately, is creative photography. Not just taking photos of things in particular, but trying to capture a mood or feeling, or make a photograph that’s a piece of art in itself. We’ve covered photography before, showcasing things like black & white photography and double exposure photography, but today I wanted to talk about something that’s even closer to photography as art: abstract photography.

Abstract photography involves, in most cases, not showing a fully understandable object, but instead focuses on colours, shapes, light, textures and patterns to create an interesting piece of art. It can use post-production effects and manipulation to further enhance the art or – in some cases – it can simply be a photograph of a real-world event but composed in such a way that the angle results in a unique and unexpected image.

All of that is, of course, hard to describe but fascinating to see, and so I’ve brought together a collection of some of my favourite examples of abstract photography. I hope you find these images as fascinating as I do and that it gets you excited and motivated to get out there with your camera and try abstract photography for yourself. As always, if you’ve taken any interesting and creating photographs yourself that you think would suit being in this roundup, I’d love to hear from you in the comments at the end.

Abstract Photography[Above by XoMEoX]

Abstract[Above by Zoltán Vörös]

Abstract Photography[Above by Marcoski]

Abstract Photography[Above by Rookuzz]

Abstract Photo[Above by a.dombrowski]

Photography[Above by tanakawho]

Abstract Image[Above by Karen Eliot]

Abstract Photo[Above by Rookuzz]

Prague[Above by Phil Richards]

Light Threads[Above by Pea Chesh]

Abstract[Above by Mathijs van Spankeren]

Colours[Above by Mathias Appel]

Parking Garage[Above by Rookuzz]

Abstract Lights[Above by Sebastian Dooris]

Abstract Blue[Above by Joshua Conley]

I hope you’ve found this roundup of beautiful, creative and unexpected abstract photography to be as interesting as I have. I also hope it’s encouraged you to dust off your camera and try your hand at taking some more unusual photos, and to try some more unconventional compositions. If you know of any other interesting examples of abstract photography that you’d like to share, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

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