2017 Web Design Trends

Happy New Year from everyone at Print Express! To see in the new year, I wanted to put together a post on 2017 web design trends by taking a look at some of the latest landing pages to see what common features they had. Web design is, of course, constantly evolving for all kinds of reasons – overall faster internet speeds have made it more commonly acceptable to incorporate large, autoplaying background video while new mobile devices have made responsive design (and, for many sites, mobile-first design) a necessity. And of course, tastes are constantly changing too – and one strong pattern that we’ve been seeing for years and will almost certainly continue throughout 2017 is larger, easier-to-read and more impactful text, particularly with a larger use of white-space to separate it and to make it stand out.

As you’ll see from the landing pages that we’ve selected below, product imagery in landing pages is huge – and a lot of these pages follow the format of including a heading and a brief paragraph of introductory text on the left, with a large product shot on the right (often trailing off-screen). It’s a beautiful design that makes efficient use of space while still keeping a lot of useful information above the fold. When product images aren’t used, it’s common for something else to fill that void – and beautifully crafted, fun illustrations work well. It’s also worth noting the colour palettes that are in use – they often use muted colours that go really well together.

Another important observation is the fact that – in the case of landing pages at least – there is a high instance of animation being used to demo the product. Autoplaying animation (rather than video) can be a great way to quickly show visitors snippets of the software or product in action, and helps to highlight a feature or use-case quickly and easily.

I hope you find this collection of fresh, bold landing pages to be a useful source of inspiration and that it gives you some ideas around the direction and trends that web design is heading in this year.


Mode Analytics[Above: https://about.modeanalytics.com/slack/]


SketchAR[Above: http://sketchar.tech/]


Cushion[Above: https://cushionapp.com/]


Tettra[Above: https://tettra.co/]


Julius[Above: https://juliusworks.com/]


Coach[Above: https://www.withcoach.com/]

Snapchat Spectacles

Snapchat Spectacles[Above: https://www.spectacles.com/]

Intercom Educate

Intercom Educate[Above: https://www.intercom.com/customer-support-software/knowledge-base]


Gitscout[Above: https://gitscout.com/]

Design Inc

Design Inc[Above: https://www.designinc.com/]

If No Reply

If No Reply[Above: https://www.ifnoreply.com/]


Shift[Above: https://tryshift.com/]

Pixel, by Google

Pixel by Google[Above: https://madeby.google.com/phone/]

Flow XO

Flow XO[Above: https://flowxo.com/]


Desk App[Above: https://desk.pm/]

From full-screen background videos and quick product animations to bright, colourful illustrations and huge headings, it’s safe to say that web design is constantly evolving and that 2017 will be no exception. I hope you can get some inspiration from this post on 2017 web design trends, and that there’s techniques and styles here that you can adapt for your own landing page projects. If you know of any other beautifully designed examples of new trends, we’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

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